Silver Linings Playbook

US poster of the film, thank you Wikipedia
US poster of the film, thank you Wikipedia

My first movie going experience of the year was stupendous. Wikipedia tells me that Silver Linings Playbook came out in most other regions late last year, as Australia has only recently received it, here comes my belated yet glowing review.

Pat (Bradley Cooper) is released from a mental facility after eight months into the care of his mother – his stay was heralded by a serious assault incident wherein he almost killed his wife, Nikki’s lover. Upon his release Pat’s mantra is to return to his life as a happily married substitute teacher, the problem is Pat’s bi-polar disorder and the consequences it brings along with.

His well meaning friends and family attempt to deal with Pat and his mood swings and odd behaviour but a change comes about when Pat meets Tiffany Maxwell (Jennifer Lawrence) a young woman who has recently lost her husband and who is dealing with it in her own unique way. Namely much sex with strangers with a seriously aggressive attitude.

With some dance lessons, book-making, fist fights and competition the rest of the film will steal your heart and leave a surprised smile on your face. Unconventionally executed and brilliantly performed by all the actors from Cooper’s confused and misguided lead to Robert De Niro as Pat’s charming but slightly shady father – this one is a definite watch.

5 stars


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