film & tv reviews

Watch when you can’t read.

I love watching movies. TV shows used to be a big passionate past time but over the years, perhaps from watching too many of them, I find most television (including app series’) quite predictable. It is a bold claim to make, but I’m going there.

I was born and bred in Australia but I can’t say I’ve seen more than a few handfuls of our movies. Americans, British and Indian movies are what I grew up on. Offprint hosts a smattering of all of these movies and TV shows, though most of my TV reviews are nostalgic and hark back to the 2000’s and 1990’s.

Adaptations of books are one of my favourite things to watch, yes to judge them but also to see how someone else has played out scenarios and characters that I’ve imagined. I think my viewing is pretty mainstream, I do have a penchant for action / adventure movies that is questionable but the rest of my taste, I believe, is pretty standard fare for a 30-something 90’s kid grown up person. Or so I like to think.

I’m always happy to have movies and TV shows recommended to me, comment below if there’s something you think I’ll love.


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