Hello, I’m Roze.

Welcome to Offprint, thank you for stopping here on your web journey. If you’re procrastinating, I suggest a flick through the book and or flick reviews to add to your to read/watch list. Or click on the other things for random anecdotes about renovations, furniture and what not.

My passion for stories has led me through life. I love nothing more than a story that makes me feel. Books, films, TV shows, plays, whatever the medium, I’ve tried all the conventional styles of storytelling and I think my favourites are the first two.  

I’ve wanted to see all of the world for as long as I can remember. Wielding a cutlass with a trusty animal of some kind at my side, breathing in as much adventure as possible – this was my ideal life at age 10. It is a shame that pirates are frowned upon. I’ve had to make do with plane, boat and train trips. These don’t feature on Offprint so much but who knows, perhaps down the line.

Offprint is two things to me. First, an outlet for all of the opinions I develop as I read / watch / breathe. Michael, my long suffering boyfriend is often at the receiving end of my thoughts around midnight when I’m caught in a mind freeze from too many simultaneous thought tracks. He appreciates this blog taking some of those thoughts over for others to experience.

Second, I needed somewhere to practice my writing skills. And really, what better place to flex writing muscles than a web space? 

We all need a few obsessions in our lives, welcome to mine.

Electronically yours,