2020: Books wrapped up

It was quite the year.

The bushfires, the locusts, the pandemic, the isolation, I mean really the only groups that may have had something to celebrate were the Paint By Numbers folks and booksellers. Maybe the food delivery people and toilet paper makers. Anyhow, I have zilch to say about hopes for 2021. It will be, what it will be.

As far as reading goes, I got in a solid 100 books, with my initial goal being 70. Yes, I’m proud of this fact (the shortest being Warm Up with 15 pages and the longest was And the Band Played On with 630). The saddest part of this story is of course that I lost the will to read sometime in August and didn’t find it again until late November. Reading fatigue? Slump? Whatever it was, the dark hole that makes any reading feel too tedious struck and I couldn’t. I found myself again through re-reading old favourites (unearthed in the great attic unpack).

Without further blah-blah, here’s my list of 2020 picks – and some to avoid.

NB I read these books in 2020, they weren’t necessarily published in 2020.

The whole list

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